Pam's 2019 Newsletter

January 27, 2019

Yes, another year has rolled by.  I hope it has been a good one for you, and that this finds you and your significant others well.


This is a year of big changes – tax wise and firm wise.  We are about to experience the ramifications of the biggest tax law changes since 1986.  More on that later.


Firm wise:

I am sad to report that Bill will no longer be a part of our staff.  After more than 25 years he’s tired of driving over the hill and will just be doing taxes from his home office.  He will be greatly missed. Suzi, whose place Bill took when she moved to Florida 25 years ago, will now be stepping in to prepare the returns Bill has been doing.  Full circle, eh? You are all clients of my firm and I hope you will stay with us, but if you have become especially attached to Bill (understandable) and wish to have him continue to prepare your return, he is accepting some clients, so let us know and we will give you his number.  Even if you already have his number, please let us know so we will know what happened to you.


Tax wise:

Oh yeah, lots of changes!!!! Mainly things that were deductible are no longer… on the federal.  BUT THE STATE DID NOT CONFORM so they are still deductible on the state. You still prepare the same way as always.  If your profession requires you to use your car in order to seek work or go to classes or showcases, we will still be deducting that – at least on the state.  Ditto all the other expenses ordinary and necessary in the entertainment or other industries. Expenses such as agents and manager commissions or financial advisor’s fees, while no long deductible on the federal, are on the state. AGAIN, FILL OUT YOUR WORKSHEETS AS YOU ALWAYS HAVE.


Sorry, but there will a $40 fee increase for many of you.  There are two ways to avoid the increase.

  1. The Mail-In:

No fee increase unless there is additional work.  For a mail-in you must submit all items of income and completed worksheets with real numbers (estimates -$100 for this $400 for that, drove 12,000 miles 6,000 for business- not acceptable).  

Uploading the documents to your portal is the best way to submit (in as few PDF files as possible), though we will also accept regular mail or faxes. No originals, please (copies only). You should include a check for the amount of the prior year’s fee.  We will call you with questions.

Keep in mind that the closer you get to the cut off date of March 15th, the greater your chances we can’t complete your return by the due date.  In that event, we will review the return & let you know if we recommend a payment with an extension which we will do free of charge.

  1.   The Appointment Mail-In:

You make an appointment and submit your documents as above at least 2 weeks before your appointment.  This gives us the opportunity to work ahead on the return.  Sometimes we can even complete it and just talk to you about it on the phone rather than you having to come in.

 If all this sounds like too much work just fill out your worksheets and come on in and we will do it the old fashion way.  It’s these appointments that will pay the increase of $40. As they say at Burger King, “Have it Your Way”.

 The worksheets are on the website and should answer the rest of your questions, but let us know if not.

BTW, if you wonder what I do when I’m not at the office, I published a book last spring.  It’s called Wyota Baptist and can be found on Amazon under the name Pamela Fife Price.  Spoiler alert: it’s not religious.


Happy Calculating!