2019 Worksheets

Each link will open up the corresponding worksheet in PDF format. Please print the worksheets applicable to you, and fill them out completely, with real numbers (no rounding!prior to your appointment. If you're doing a mail-in, please send us copies, and keep the original for your records.

If you are Married and Filing a Joint return, you need to fill out ONE "Basic Worksheet" together (joint), as it is the only worksheet where you are to combine your expenses. All other worksheets (below the line, for specific occupations) must be filled out individually. Meaning, do not combine both of your expenses on any worksheet, except for the "Basic" worksheet).

2019 Worksheets EVERYONE needs to READ AND FILL OUT:

  1. BASIC WORKSHEET» **Everybody needs to complete this ONE Basic worksheet PER TAX RETURN (i.e. two people may fill out one of these)**
  2. HOW TO PREPARE FOR YOUR INTERVIEW»  Hints for getting organized.
  3. RECORD KEEPING REQUIREMENTS»  Things you need to know, in case you're questioned.
  4. CHECKLIST FOR INTERVIEW»  Things to bring to your appointment.
  5. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ)»  Just check it out.
  6. ABOUT THE DREADED L.A. CITY BUSINESS TAX»  We know you're not really a business, but...


Worksheets Specific to Occupation
Please only fill out ONE PER PERSON & per occupation/business activity. Even if Married Filing Joint, you each fill out your own, ONE for each business you have:

  1. ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY DEDUCTIONS» Everyone working in the entertainment industry -- except for performers, writers, and musicians -- add this to your Basic Worksheet.
  2. PERFORMER’S DEDUCTIONS» Actors, singers, etc. Add this to your Basic Worksheet.
  3. WRITER’S DEDUCTIONS» Writers, add this to your Basic Worksheet.
  4. MUSICIAN’S DEDUCTIONS» Musicians, add this to your Basic Worksheet.
  5. EMPLOYEE BUSINESS EXPENSES» Teachers, nurses, or anyone who may have business expenses but is not in the entertainment industry, OR has income with taxes withheld (W-2).
  6. SERVICE BUSINESS»  If you receive fees for performing a service, you need this worksheet along with the Basic Worksheet.
  7. GENERAL BUSINESS»  If you sell a product, this is the worksheet for you.
  8. RENTAL INCOME & DEDUCTIONS»  Fill out one of these worksheets for each rental property, along with the Basic Worksheet & any others you may need.