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January 28,2024

Dear Client,

I hope this finds you well in this somewhat crazy world in which we are living.  And another election year to boot.  OMG!  What we are here to discuss, however, is taxes!

This is my 50th year doing taxes!  Knowing that, you won’t be surprised when I tell you I am moving toward retirement. Not to panic.  I will still be doing returns this year, just not as many.  If Mary did your taxes, she will still be doing the same number of returns. I am probably pretty well booked, but if you want, call Joyce and she will take your name and number and we will see if we can accommodate you.  We will be booking those who have already called first.

I couldn’t even think about retiring until I had someone lined up that I knew was good enough for you.  I have someone!  I have known Kristina since she was two years old.  She was, and still is, my younger daughter’s best friend.  She has 14 years of tax experience, and has been an Enrolled Agent for the majority of them.  She runs a very successful tax business in North Hollywood.  Until this year she  didn’t feel she could take on a significant number of my clients, but she has been able to find and train more staff now and has finally said she could accommodate whoever I sent her.  I can’t recommend her highly enough.  She will review any returns done by her associates and I will be available to answer any questions and lend any support necessary.

Contact Info:  Kristina Uttal, EA Inc.   (818) 859-7378 

We will ask that you tell them that you were my client so we can send your file over.

We’re still going to be doing a good number of returns during the season.  We will be limiting the number of extensions we do, but we will guide you in obtaining an extension.

What about changes to the tax law this year?

-There are always inflation changes to the standard deduction and this year is no exception.  These changes are built into our software.

-There has been a bill to expand the child tax credit.  It was not passed by the end of the year, but could be passed retroactively.

-There is a big “new” thing for corporations, most partnerships, and LLCs.  Beginning this year these entities are required to file a Beneficial Owner Information Report.  For those organizations created or registered before January 1, 2024 the report is due January 1, 2025, but those created or registered in 2024 must file the return within 90 days.   We will discuss this with you on a one by one basis.

Alice beat me to retirement. Clients loved Alice and she will be missed.  Joyce is still with us and will be handling appointments and the portal.  My daughter Leslie (Mimi) will also be helping while she’s on maternity leave from her producing jobs.

I will deeply miss those of you I won’t get to work with this year, but I know you will be in good hands & the day had to come.

Happy calculating!