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February 3, 2023

Dear Client,

Yes...once again it is tax time in Tinseltown!

I hope this finds you well and eager to get to your taxes... or at least well and willing to

get to your taxes.

We’re gearing up – the worksheets are on the and appointments are being made and confirmed. If you’ve requested an appointment and haven’t heard from us it’s most likely because I am booking them myself and I’m still on the March requests. This brings me to a major change in policy.

All returns must have a time slot. In the past we’ve had face-to-face appointments and mail-ins. Now all returns are mail-ins, or the electronic equivalent. Last year we had appointments and let people just send their documents in without time slots as well. We ended up, as some of you know, with a real backlog and played catch up for the rest of the year. Up until last year there were three of us working on returns, but with Suzi retired and Jen moving on (both sorely missed) only Mary (who I have worked with in accounting for my corporate returns for years) and I are preparing.  Manpower – or in this case – womanpower is reduced. I have tried to find  another preparer, but to find the right person is very difficult. Between Mary and I we can do 250 to 300 returns during the season, and I won’t take more than that. When those are filled we will start a waiting list and do extensions. In the long run this will be better for all of us.

Another change to policy: All fees must be paid before we file the return. In the old days we didn’t send returns before fees were paid, but as time has gone by, especially since we’ve gone virtual, we’ve relaxed this policy. You will probably be shocked to learn I ended the year with over $31,0000 in accounts receivable. I hate doing this because it seems I don’t trust my clients to pay, and most do pay promptly, but too many just forget. I can’t afford to operate without fees being paid. There are some changes in the tax law, but nothing that affects the information we need from you.

The updated worksheets are on the website. Please fill them out and get them to us a couple of weeks before your time slot.

If you have any questions call Alice or Joyce at the office and they will be happy to help


Talk to you soon. Happy calculating!


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